Thank you to our outstanding donors who share in our belief that Libraries Change Lives and that the important programs funded by Tulsa Library Trust are critical to our community. The following indviduals, foundations, and corporations kindly and generously support the efforts of Tulsa Library Trust at $250 and above, including Central Library Renewed capital campaign gifts and pledges (total pledged amount) and/or funding for programs and services. 

$1M and above

AAON, Inc.

Adelson, Heyman and Nash Families – Nadel and Gussman


The Mary K. Chapman Foundation

The Helmerich Foundation

George Kaiser Family Foundation

Herman George Kaiser Foundation

Ms. Ruth Nelson

Charles and Lynn Schusterman Family Foundation

A.R. and Marylouise Tandy Foundation

The Zarrow Families Foundation


C.W. Titus Foundation

The John Steele Zink Foundation


The American Electric Power Foundation

The Mervin Bovaird Foundation

Sanford P. & Irene F. Burnstein Foundation

Mr. Joseph W. Craft III

Mr. & Mrs. John Graves


WPX Energy


Judith and Jean Pape Adams Charitable Foundation

Margery Mayo Bird Foundation

Broadhurst Foundation

Katrine and Ramez Hakim

Bonnie and Frank X. Henke, III

The Stephen E. & Shelley S. Jackson Family Foundation

The Raymond and Bessie Kravis Foundation

Mr. Robert J. LaFortune

Ralph and Frances McGill Foundation

Mr. and Mrs. Peter Meinig

James D. & Cathryn M. Moore Foundation

Moran Family Foundation

Sarkeys Foundation

The Charles and Peggy Stephenson Family Foundation

Mr. and Mrs. Robert E. Thomas

Mr. and Mrs. Robert Thomas

Mr. and Mrs. William F. Thomas


Patti Johnson Wilson Foundation

The Anne and Henry Zarrow Foundation


Ms. Robin Flint Ballenger

Bama Companies

Mr. Bryan B. Close

Dr. & Mrs. John F. Coyle, II

Flint Family Foundation

Hardesty Family Foundation

The Krueger Charitable Foundation

Joel & Carol Jankowsky Foundation

Mrs. Evelyn Rayzor Nienhuis

Mr. and Mrs. David Sylvan


Apache Corporation

Joseph E. and Patricia D. Cappy Fund

Mr. and Mrs. James Frasier

The Hille Family Charitable Foundation

Jackie Cooper Imports of Tulsa

Middle Country Public Library

Red River Community Corps, Inc.

The Tulsa Community Foundation

The Tulsa Foundation

Walton Family Foundation

Waters Charitable Foundation


Mr. and Mrs. Donald B. Atkins

Mr. and Mrs. Steven Austin

The Barnett Family Foundation, Inc.

Ms. Sharon King Davis

The Sharna and Irvin Frank Foundation

Friends of the Helmerich Library

Mr. and Mrs. Leondard J. Eaton, Jr.

Mr. and Mrs. Philip Kaiser

Mr. and Mrs. George Krumme

Mr. and Mrs. Paul K. Lackey, Jr.

Mr. and Mrs. William Peacher

Mr. and Mrs. Rodger Randle

Mr. Gary Shaffer

David E. and Cassie L. Temple Foundation

Tulsa City-County Library Staff Association

 Maxine and Jack Zarrow Family Foundation


Dr. and Mrs. Steven Adelson


Mr. and Mrs. John Bachle

Mr. and Mrs. Jim Bender

Better World Books

Mr. and Mrs. James A. Bost

Dr. and Mrs. Spencer Brown

Dr. and Mrs. Richmond Brownson

Mrs. Ann Bryce

The Carmax Foundation

Cherokee Nation Businesses

Dr. and Mrs. Bruce Dieterlen

Mr. and Mrs. Otto Duecker

Mr. and Mrs. Frank Effron

Mr. and Mrs. William Elson

Mrs. Peggye Enlow

Mr. and Mrs. William Farrior

Mr. Raymond Feldman

Mr. G. Doug Fox

Friends of the Tulsa City-County Library

Mr. and Mrs. Earl Funk

Gelvin Foundation

Mr. and Mrs. Ramez Hakim

Mrs. Peggy Helmerich

Mr. and Mrs. Rik Helmerich

Helmerich & Payne, Inc.

Mr. and Mrs. Steve Hickman

Mr. and Mrs. Earl Johnson

Philip and Miranda Kaiser Family Fund

Mr. William Kellough

Kendix Enterprises

Makerbot Industries LLC

Ms. Page Martin and Mr. Paul Clear

Mr. and Mrs. Tom Mason

Ms. Joan Moran

Mr. and Mrs. Jack Neely

Renee Neuwald Foundation Fund

Oklahoma State University Foundation

Orangeboy, Inc.

Mrs. Edward Patterson

Penguin Group (USA) LLC

Mr. and Mrs. Tim Phoenix

Don P. Quint & Associates

Dr. and Mrs. Bernard Robinowitz

Rosenstein, Fist & Ringold

Rotary Club of Tulsa Foundation

Mrs. Patricia Pape Savage

Mr. Robert Soza and Ms. Jana Shoulders

Ms. Katherine R. Silvey

TES Productions

University of Tulsa

Mr. and Mrs. James M. Walker

Charles and Marion Weber Foundation

Mr. and Mrs. Albert E. Whitehead

Mr. and Mrs. Clayton Woodrum

Worldwide Restoration


Mrs. John Athens

Mr. Jeffrey Alderman and Ms. Kelley Ballenger

Azteka Motors, Inc.

Dr. and Mrs. Paul Baker

Barnes & Noble Booksellers

Mr. and Mrs. Larry Bartley

Ms. Jeanmarie Billington

Ms. Donna Blackburn

President & Mrs. David Boren

Mr. and Mrs. Larry Born

The G.L. Brennan Foundation, Inc.

Mr. and Mrs. Steve Brilz

Mr. and Mrs. Terry Brumbaugh

Dr. and Mrs. William Burnett

Mr. and Mrs. Buthod

Mr. and Mrs. Lawrence Chambers

Mrs. Yolanda Charney

Cherokee Nation

Ms. Mary Coleman-Woolslayer

Mr. and Mrs. Ronald Collins

Ms. Revelle Clausing

Mr. and Mrs. Joseph Dempsey

Mrs. Richard Dixon

Ms. Ruth Eichenberger

Dr. Richard Ekdahl

Jim and Ros Elder

Mr. and Mrs. Lloyd Elliott

ExxonMobil Foundation, Inc.

Mr. and Mrs. Douglas Farquharson

Mrs. Toby Fell

Mr. and Mrs. Mike Fenner

Mr. Shea Ferrell

Dr. and Mrs. John Forrest

Mr. Lon Foster

Dr. and Mrs. Lynn Frame

Mr. and Mrs. Patrick Franken

Mr. and Mrs. Tony Gehres

Mr. and Mrs. H. Ray Goldsmith

Mrs. Anne Graham

Mr. and Mrs. Thomas Grillot

Grinnell College

Ms. Lissa Hair

Mr. Michael Hall

Mr. William Hanks

Dr. and Mrs. David Harper

Mr. and Mrs. Jerry Hauth

Mr. Barry S. Hensley & Mr. Terry A. Baxter

Dr. and Mrs. James Higgins

Mrs. Mary Ann Hille

Mr. and Mrs. Curtis Holdridge

Mr. and Mrs. John Jarboe

Mr. and Mrs. Bruce Jones

Ms. Carol Kamp

Ms. Kathleen Kastelic

Ms. Janis Keene

Dr. Joseph Kestner and Ms. Anna Norberg

Mr. and Mrs. Pat Kimmel

Mr. and Mrs. David Kroll

Mr. and Mrs. Paul Lackey

Mr. and Mrs. R. Dobie Langenkamp

Mrs. Jean Laster

Alicia Latimer

Mr. and Mrs. Edward Lawson

Mr. and Mrs. Scott Lewis

Lobeck Taylor Family Foundation

Ms. Linda Logan

Mr. William Lohrey

Mr. and Mrs. Thomas Luccock

Mrs. Patsy Lyon

Mr. Pat Malloy

Miss Sunny Martin

Mr. and Mrs. Robert Mase

Mr. and Mrs. Pat McGinley

Mr. and Mrs. Joseph McGraw

Dr. and Mrs. J. McNeer

Mr. Charles Meyers

Mrs. Mildred Millspaugh

Mr. and Mrs. Hank Moore

Mr. and Mrs. Kevin Murray

Mr. and Mrs. Rick Neal

Mr. Marty Newman

Ms. Jenifer Norman

Mr. Axay Parekh

The Honorable Ron Peters

Mr. and Mrs. Leslie Pierce

Mrs. Annette Pringle

Propeller Communications

Ms. Michele Raine

Mr. and Mrs. James Rainey

Ms. Julia Ratliff

The Richter Clinic for Neurology & Neuropsychology

Mr. and Mrs. Malcolm Rosser

Sand Springs Area Women's Chamber of Commerce

Mr. and Mrs. Wilfred Sanditen

Mr. and Mrs. Terry Sarnoskie

Mr. and Mrs. Robert Sartin

Dr. and Mrs. Richard Schafer

Ms. Andrea Schlanger

Dr. and Mrs. Robert Scott

Dr. and Mrs. Mark Shackelford

Dr. and Mrs. B. Frank Shaw

Mr. James Small

Mr. and Mrs. Allen Smallwood

Ms. Beverly Smith

Mrs. Sherman Smith

The Sneed Foundation, Inc.

Mr. and Mrs. Weldon Spitzer

Dr. and Mrs. Bruce Stoesser

Daniel and Jeanne Strope Family Foundation

Ms. Jan Swafford

Mr. and Mrs. Robert Swain

Mr. and Mrs. Kelly Swindle

Mr. and Mrs. Joseph Tate

Mr. and Mrs. Stanley Teter

TK Publishing Inc/DBA Tulsa Kids

Mr. and Mrs. Todd Tobiasz

Mr. Ralph Tucker & Ms. Marilyn Inhofe Tucker

Twenty First Properties, Inc.

Dr. and Mrs. William Watson

Drs. Melissa and Mark Weiss

Dr. Jill Wenger

Ms. Kim Whitehurst

Mr. Thomas Whitehurst

Mrs. Mary Ann Wilcox

Dr. and Mrs. Robert Williams

Mrs. John Williams

Ms. Laura Wilson

Mrs. Josephine Winter

Mrs. Philip Wood

Mr. Paul J. Woodul